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 To pre-subscribe to FetchDesk.com for FREE – No obligation to pay $70/year subscription fee

 Simply complete the WHO ARE YOU form below and email or fax the form and your motor carrier credentials (Authority, Insurance Acord(s), a W-9, and DOT info)

 We will create your online credentials file of up to 6 pages, for shipper/broker viewing only by FetchDesk credit qualified.

 When you are booked by shipper/broker subscriber, you may view that shipper/broker credit application for your evaluation and credit approval, or simply demand payment on delivery.

 FetchDesk.com will have your pre-subscribed Credentials on File, and when the system launches in 2016 you will receive your FetchDesk.com account code. The account code allows you to post your upcoming empty trucks up to 8 days in the future by using your phone, any time you need loading consideration in the future.

 Carriers do not search for loads. Shipper/Brokers call you, and you give your rate and make your new deal with your new shipper. There is no commission, you are paid 100% of retail price established on your invoice to shipper.

 FetchDesk provides an account code for each subscribing trucking unit – list above all trailer types you dispatch. FetchDesk will automatically post trailer that trucking unit account code normally pulls.

 You can specify – all shippers/broker inquiry calls go to dispatch or you can allow each owner/operator or driver to receive calls directly from interested shipper/broker inquiries. Remember, they cannot book without your motor carrier and dot approval. Drivers and O/O’s will be merely assisting dispatch with data entry and call receipt regarding availability.

 You make your best deal, shipper/broker will send you a rate/confirmation contract direct to yours or drivers phone. Remember, each shipper/broker has been credit qualified by FetchDesk, and you make the terms of payment at time of booking.


Here is your FREE Loyalty Card , FetchDesk-Loyalty-Card use anytime you expect deadhead miles, up to 8 days in the future. Shippers use account code activation to inquire ON LINE for available matching trucks.
Unlimited usage per deadheading Vehicle or per shipper/broker inquiry.
Post your truck by entering 11 digits on your keypad, when prompted…
FetchDesk will coordinate your available to truck any Matching inquiry by Shipper/Broker/Forwarder

They will call the carrier direct And ask for a rate




Cut your deadhead by using Fetchdesk.com Get new customers – shippers/brokers Direct, no commission, no fees Fetchdesk.com is your Sales APP. New customers will call you direct, you just state your freight rate, if shipper/broker wants tractor/trailer for their load, they will make a Deal with you and send you a Rate Confirmation. Become a “Founding Subscriber” help us launch the only APP that finds you shippers direct …


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